Which Type Of Wireless Loudspeakers Provide The Best Audio Quality?

Are wireless speakers a serious rival? On this page, I’ll shed some light on these issues.

Wireless loudspeakers integrate numerous parts. Only if all of these components are made properly will the wireless loudspeakers have the best possible sound fidelity. The audio quality of the speaker is only able to be as good as the fidelity of the wireless signal. Digital music broadcast delivers numerous innovative techniques for compensating for interference from other devices. Second, the quality of the built-in audio amp is essential. For power efficiency reasons, the majority of modern wireless speakers use switched-mode power amps (Class-D). The signal output of this kind of power stage changes equal in shape to the music input signal. Resulting from the switching, the output signal includes a large amount of energy at the switch-mode frequency which is often removed through a subsequent low-pass filter stage. Class-D amps usually have got higher harmonic distortion compared with Class-A or Class-AB amplifiers as a result of the nonlinear operation. Current Class-D amps which are utilized inside of wireless outdoor speakers employ a feedback mechanism that compensates in part for these nonlinearities. Note though that a low distortion does not always necessarily mean great sound fidelity. In addition, the loudspeaker enclosure needs holes in order to enable access to the loudspeaker control elements.