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Where To Go In Los Angeles

A lot of travelers make the mistake of “winging it” when visiting Los Angeles. They feel that they can just go where their feet take them. This is a mistake because the city has a lot of places to offer and you have to be strategic to make sure that you get to go to […]

How to Check the Quality of Restaurants in Islamorada

Islamorada is famous for its delicious sea foods and other tasty delights. There are lots of hotels and restaurants in Islamorada and all of them are offering high quality food to the visitors. A proper quality control check team visits the restaurants on daily basis to check the quality of the food and maintain its […]

Having a Hangi on the Beach in Malawi

Traditionally a Hangi is a Maori way of cooking food in the ground in New Zealand, however we managed to adapt the method and make our own version of a Hangi on the beach in Malawi on our Family Adventure Camping Holiday. Firstly it involves digging a deep pit in the sand; we decided to […]