Tips for Turning Your Web Leads to Actual Buyers

Have you ever thought of the idea of running your homebuilding marketing automatically? Well, the good news is you can through email automation programs that you can install on your website. Unlike blogging, social media marketing and search engine optimization or other digital content, email provides an easy and inexpensive means of staying connected with your potential buyers even if you do not have a lot of time on your hands. Here are some tips on how to use this efficient builder marketing automation approach in order to turn your web leads into actual buyers.

Bi-Weekly Newsletters

While considered not totally automated, the great thing about bi-weekly emails is they repurpose your recent blog content in order to make it easy to deliver fresh information on a more regular basis and therefore bring more potential customers to your website. You can use buyer behavior tracking in order to identify which kind of topics potential buyers are most interested in and then use audience segmentation in order to follow up with customized content that are already based on their preferences.

RSS to Email

An automated tool that you can effectively use is RSS to email. This is an automated delivery system of all your blog posts via email. The great thing about this is each time you publish new content to your blog it is automatically sent to the inbox of each one of your registered subscribers. It is recommended that you publish new content at least a couple of times a week and use this as a form of drip marketing in order to develop web leads to appointment. Each month it is recommended that you check on your RSS to email reports in order to determine which one had the biggest open rates and the highest click through rates and then correct your content schedule accordingly.

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