Televisions In Kids Bedrooms

It seems that people watch television now more than ever before. There are entire networks devoted to children’s programming acting as hurdles to your childrens bedroom ideas, and TV is more enticing than it was in previous generations. I know that a lot of people have televisions in their kids bedrooms, and that they use them to let their kids just relax after they get home from a long and strenuous day at school. Other parents let their children fall asleep to the sound of the television at night. Others encourage their children to go into their rooms and watch TV so that they can complete work they need to do at home. Having a television in a childs bedroom is a bad idea.

There are many studies out there that show a direct correlation between a child’s reading level and the amount of time he or she watches TV. For most children given a choice between a book or a television show, it is an extremely choice and books will lose almost every time. There are enough electronic devices competing for our children’s attention, and they do not get enough exercise as a result. Instead of encouraging your child to go and watch television in their rooms, how about encouraging them to get outside and play?