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No Win No Fee Claims Described In Extra Depth

The ‘No win No fee’ phrase is becoming accepted into our own consciousness over the past 20 or so years. For quite a few nevertheless, the term is treated with mistrust and bitterness owing to the bad press that the organizations who offer you the program commonly get. We will over the next several paragraphs […]

Drop in employee accidents seen in US

The home of baseball, Ford and cookies has also been long associated with compensation claims and has been accused of causing the explosion in firms like No Win No Fee and burst in British compensation culture, but it looks as if there may be change on the horizon. Contrary to popular opinion, the number of […]

Steps to making a successful claim

Repeat business is absolutely key to retail industries, where they provide the vast amount of revenue and new customers are something of a rarity. However, this is not the same with personal injury most people will only need to make a claim once in their life. Perhaps there are some rare cases which see unlucky […]

Is Whiplash The Worst That Can Happen?

Perhaps the most common type of injury associated with auto accidents is whiplash. Many companies encourage you to make a claim if you have been a victim of an RTA, but lots of victims seem to be reluctant to do so because of the reputation the affliction has. Although commonly linked to road traffic accidents, […]

Legal : Taking The No Win No Fee Approach

As we go about our day to day business, it is certain that we will encounter others as they go about theirs. Most of the time, these encounters entail a smile and a hello or even a simple conversation. Sometimes, unfortunately, we have negative experiences with others and a lawsuit is the resulting action. In […]