What are the Services and Products That a Good Printing Specialist Must Offer Its Customers?

Although the printing industry is an industry that has its share of challenges and is trying to restructure itself, we are still very far from living in a world where printed products will have completely disappeared. Indeed, while many magazines and newspapers have profitability issues, the advertising industry is still a major printed products consumer. Printers therefore need superior products and services to meet their advertising clients’ needs, among others. In this article, we will discuss the products and services that a good printing specialist must offer its printer clients.


Printing blankets: Printing blankets are essential to the success of an offset printing project, because they dictate the accuracy of their end result. A good printing specialist should be able to provide their printer customers with a variety of formats to suit their specific needs. For example, a printing blanket can be, among others, with or without a bar, with or without holes or ‘slotted’ ‘.

Ink: Without ink, there is no text and no images. It is therefore important that printers have inks of all colors and that they are of excellent quality so that the result ends up being like what the designer and the client have imagined it. A printing specialist worthy of its name can provide its customers with Pantone certified high quality inks.

Press products: Printers require a wide range of press products to do their job properly. Among them, there are varnishes, fountain solutions, blanket and roller cleaners and solvents.


Press roller covering: Press roller covering requires a special expertise in order for it to be well done. A competent printing specialist can perform this task using a rubber cover designed specifically for graphic arts.

Advisory Services: With the large quantity of products available on the market, it may be difficult for printers to determine which products best suit their needs. Companies specializing in printing products rely on a knowledgeable staff that knows their products like the back of their pocket and is able to guide people in their shopping process.

This concludes our article about the services and products that a good printing specialist must offer its printer clients. We hope that reading it has made you able to better understand what distinguishes a great printing specialist from a mediocre one. If you need printing products, we absolutely recommend that you give a call to your local printing specialist to schedule an appointment.