Personal Injury – Steps To Take If You’re Involved In An Accident At Work

Suffering an injury at work can be distressing and can cause you to lose out on earnings as a result, so many people choose to claim compensation. This article looks at how to get compensation if you suffer a serious injury at work. First of all, what counts as a serious injury? Most commonly, it will be an injury caused by an accident, such as falling or slipping in the workplace. It could also be an illness or disease contracted by exposure to harmful chemicals.

You need to make sure you follow the proper procedures in order to give your claim the best chance of success. One thing that you need to do is make sure your accident is recorded in writing. Your employer should have an accident book where you can do this, but if they dont you can make your own written record. If possible, you should also get hold of your medical records relating to your injury as these can be useful evidence when claiming compensation.

It is normal to hire a lawyer to help you with your serious injury claim. Their role is to try and prove that your employers negligence caused your accident; they will review your case to make sure they can do this. In order to back up the claim, you might have to be examined by an independent doctor. Also, you need to follow the time limits for making a personal injury claim. Start your claim as soon as you can, as time limits can vary between states.

Your lawyer will help you put your claim into motion once they are sure you have a decent chance of winning your case. Your employer will need to be served with papers informing them of the case and the evidence in support of your claim. They then have to respond within a certain period; they can choose to challenge the claim with their own proof, or accept their liability and use their insurance to pay you the relevant level of compensation.

Most employers will probably accept their liability in light of your evidence and agree to pay your compensation. When determining the level of compensation, your loss of earnings and special costs (such as medical and transport bills associated with your injury) are likely to be taken into account. However, some cases can end up in court, although this is rare. Your lawyer is likely to advise against this unless your chances of winning are very good, as such cases can become very costly.

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