Management Jobs

Every business depends on good management. It doesn’t matter if it is a one-man-band or a huge enterprise. Capable managers are key element for success. Therefore managers are respected and earn big bucks.This makes management jobs so popular.

Not everybody can become a successful manager. You need some education and passion. There are many well known and respected schools where you can learn a lot of knowledge and skills needed for management and leadership: fundamentals of finance, economy, law, public relations, etc. It is the passion that is needed to enjoy what you are doing and it is not present in every person. This is very important. It really doesn’t make sense to be a manager if you don’t like your job.

There are some free online courses which are offered to help prospective and existing entrepreneurs understand the basic business management. You should use them only as a complement to your primary source of education: school. A good school will not give you only a title but also a guarantee that you know something and are something.

Education and theoretical knowledge is only a prerequisite for successful management. Every manager needs to be also a leader. And leadership means working with people, leading them to a common goal.

There is one important fact that you should always remember: You are managing people, not product development or projects or customer service or any other mission! This is the most important thing to remember in business management. Managers do manage business finances, projects, budget, etc. But people will work for you, people will solve your problems and people just need a leader.

You should know and understand people and treat them properly. Sometimes this will be hard, people can be difficult and messy. You should understand that they aren’t machines or robots. They are humans as you are and they won’t be in the same mood every day. You should expect them to have personal problems like you have. They will work for you, but they expect some compensation for this.

The first thing you should do in a new environment is to learn. Sit down and get to know your staff. Find out what they do, what problems they have, what their goals are, how do they communicate, what they like to do in their free time, etc. You should be their ally and they’ll be yours. You should learn how to deal with problematic employees. Find a way to motivate them.

Do not make common mistakes – respect others. You may be extremely smart, but there’s always someone smarter. Don’t behave like you know everything. Arrogance and dictatorship have no place in management. Do not re-invent the wheel. Try to leave established processes as they are. Everything doesn’t require your unique touch. Some things probably work just fine already without your instructions.

Managers have responsibility. Remember, you are responsible for everything that happens in your scope of authority. It is very wrong to think that just because you may not be doing the actual work, you are not responsible – YOU ARE. If you can not accept this then find another job! As a leader, you are also responsible for hiring and firing the members of your team.

You will also have to make right decisions. Decisions that will benefit the company as well as you and your people. There are rewards but they come at price. Always make a balance between pluses and minuses.

Managers have a right to be humans. Just because you are now manager, this doesn’t mean that you can forget about emotions. Laugh with your people, joke with them… let them know that you are a human. But when you are acting as a leader behave so. Your staff should clearly distinguish between jokes and business.

Be honest with your people – you expect the same from them. Honesty is extremely important. If there is no trust between manager and his people then there will be problems which will lead into bigger failure.

Defend your people! This is very important. They expect protection from you and they will reward you with their loyalty. If you will not have your staff on your side than you will sooner or later face problems. Leadership means leading a group, and leading a group means working together.

The moral of the story

Business management jobs are respected and earn big bucks but in order to become a successful business manager you need to understand and respect people.