Lookeen Desktop Search – Finding Files and Emails Faster

I often get frustrated when I search for files and they aren’t there. Windows native desktop search isn’t usually up to the task. That’s why I went looking for a desktop search alternative and came across Lookeen. Lookeen uses indexing to sort all of your data, so that it can be searched later. The initial indexing was fast compared to other search products that I’ve tried. The name of Lookeen Desktop Search is a little misleading, because you get the feeling that it will search for folder names and program files, but it does much more than that. Lookeen will search the content of those files too. The Desktop Search tool bar can also be integrated directly into Outlook, which means that it integrates simply and easily into most business workflows. Lookeen then also searches your emails.

The Results

The search results are given in a single pane format where you’re then able to fine tune the results. If you remember after searching that it was an email attachment from a certain date, the date can be entered and will show corresponding emails with attachments. If you remember that it was also a PDF, you can filter by PDF. The best thing for me was the preview window. Which looks like the standard Outlook preview. In the preview window, you get a full fidelity view of your documents. When I searched for a contract I had written several months ago, Lookeen found it and displayed it in the preview window. Lookeen also found the email I had attached it to, so I knew who I had used it for. I was able to get a complete view of the contract and Lookeen also offers an “edit-in-preview” function, so I can actually change the document directly from preview without launching, in this case, Microsoft Word. I think that’s really powerful, because it could save countless hours of work.

Imagine if all I wanted to do was re-use an old contract for a different customer, so I don’t need to rewrite everything, I do a quick desktop search to find one that would be suitable. Lookeen, not only finds it, but gives me the ability to edit it directly, allowing me to change a customer name and date without ever leaving Outlook. I then have the option, still within Lookeen, to attach it to an email and send it off. That is some powerful stuff! Lookeen is a great Desktop Search alternative for Windows and an effective timesaver for Outlook email.