How To Get A Work Permit For The United Kingdom

If you are immigrating to the UK then there are several things that you need to consider. One of the most important things is the acquisition of a work permit. Without one you will be unable to get a job and earn an income. You can apply for a work permit at the Home Office Border and Immigration Agency. There is usually a waiting period of about 2 weeks after the application before you will be approved to work in the UK.

Sometimes it can take a little longer to get a work permit because vacancies have to be advertised for a certain amount of time. There are some exceptions to this however. If it is a job that is considered to be a shortage occupation such as teachers or people who work in various healthcare professions, then exceptions can be made. This means you can apply for the permit without having to wait out the mandatory advertisement period for the position.

If you are applying for a work permit for a company, it will have to be an established employer in the UK. Companies that do not have this status will not be able to get their employees work permits until they have this. Sometimes if you are a professional who has a high level of skill in a certain field, you will be able to take advantage of a different plan. This plan is called the Highly Skilled Migrant Program.

While you are waiting for your application to become approved, you will be able to spend time in the country; however your work activity will be limited. You will be considered a business visitor. Business visitors are allowed to do some things like consulting and training, but they cannot use their skills to directly benefit company clients. They can also spend time learning about how to meet the needs of their UK client base. This is allowed for 6 months.

When you are getting ready to immigrate to the UK, you will need to keep these things in mind if you intend to work there. The requirements are not necessarily difficult, but you must be able to follow them in order to work. You will have to be prepared for a wait, as it is not something that happens overnight. You can alleviate some of the stress by applying before your move is completed, allowing you to do two things at once.

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