Where To Go In Los Angeles

Los AngelesA lot of travelers make the mistake of “winging it” when visiting Los Angeles. They feel that they can just go where their feet take them. This is a mistake because the city has a lot of places to offer and you have to be strategic to make sure that you get to go to the best locations in your short stay.

Places to Visit in LA

Here’s a list of places that you should go to on your visit:

  • Santa Monica Pier

This is a good place to visit if you’re with family especially since it has Pacific Park. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to enjoy an outdoor film or music event. Oh, and make sure to check out the original Muscle Beach. Work out here if you can handle the attention.

  • Hollywood sign

A trip to LA won’t be complete without having your picture taken with the Hollywood sign prominently in the background. You’d need a new profile picture for your visit to LA and this would be perfect.

  • Venice Beach

If you enjoy people watching, go to Venice Beach and watch roller bladers, bikers, skateboarders and gym buffs. Go here after visiting Santa Monica Pier.

  • The Grove

This is a good place to shop. It’s an upscale open-air shopping center with a little over 50 shops to choose from. There’s even a movie theater where you can watch a movie to rest your tired feet and wallet.

  • Grand Central Market

This is a good place to eat if you’re in Downtown LA. This is especially true if you’re craving for South American or Mexican fare.

Where to Go at Night

You don’t have to worry once nighttime falls because the city has a lot of places where you can go for a night of fun and relaxation. It depends on what your idea of a good night out is. However, you can do what other tourists are doing and check out the nightlife using the following guide:

  • Eat at a restaurant/bar.

This is a good way to start your night. Nourish yourself for the night ahead by having an amazing dinner. Prime your stomach by drinking a few beers. The city has a lot of great restaurants that also offer amazing beers.

  • Go to a comedy club.

LA may very well stand for Laughter Alley due to the presence of comedy clubs. If you’re lucky, you may even witness popular comedians doing improv or standup comedy. The comedy club scene of LA has launched the careers of a lot of popular comedians and this is why you shouldn’t miss the chance to catch at least one comedy show at a comedy club.

  • Dance the night away at a night club.

You don’t have to worry about running out of things to do around midnight because that’s when the real entertainment starts. Check out the hopping nightclubs in the area and dance the night away.

Obviously, the city is offering a lot of places to visit day and night. If you can, try to extend your visit so you can check out more places of interest.