Get Ready for Fiance Visa Appointment

fiance visa

Are you interested in creating use of fiance visa for United States of America? Nicely, if you are attempting to make use of fiance visa then there are things that you ought to know that can really assist you to clear your fiance visa interview simply because in the final few years there has been numerous instances that has supplied enough evidence to the concerned authorities that individuals make use of the fiance visa to fraudulently obtain US citizenship which is why the concerned authorities have now tightened up the screws for those who are creating use of the fiance visa.

When you are going for fiance visa you will definitely have to go through particular interview rounds that will be asked by the interviewing officer from the US embassy and they will quickly fire some questions that you need to be ready about because if you are not then you may get stuck with particular problems and ultimately they may reject your visa application. The age difference between you and your fiance can be one of the core problems that they may come up with. Therefore, you need to be ready for questions if there is a large age difference between you and your fiance. If your fiance is much older than you then you will need to come up with some authentic and serious answers to justify your relationship.

On the other hand, you will also need to offer some info on the duration of your relationship between you and your fiance. People by no means truly take that into consideration and many individuals get engaged in just couple of weeks time but that can work against you because the concerned authorities might take this negatively and you might see your visa application getting rejected because getting in touch with the fiance and getting engaged rapidly can make the interviewing officer think that your relationship is not bona fide.

You ought to also take a look at the individual relations when you and your fiance met because the authorities are taking this matter seriously. If your fiance was married when you had been meeting then this could go against you and your fiance visa application might be rejected because one of the parties happened to be married when you had been meeting your fiance. The interviewing officer will certainly ask for an explanation in particulars from you so that much more truth can be revealed before they sanction your application for the US.