Exercise Your Right To Compensation With Actos Lawsuit

“The objective of medicine would be to prevent significant illness, to reduce discomfort and to postpone death…Technology has to support these goals-if not, it might even be counterproductive.”, Dr. Joel J. Nobel once stated.

Indeed, Dr. Nobel was right. However, with regards to Actos (pioglitazone), which is an oral medicine for Type 2 diabetes, instead of helping the patient with type 2 diabetes, it brings them another sickness known as Bladder cancer, heart failure, rhabdomyolysis, liver damage or bone fracture. Although, there is a contraindication that if patients have a history with bladder cancer or of cardiac arrest, it should not be taken without consulting the physician first; still they are liable because they released such medicine knowing that its negative side effects can cause injury or death.The fact that patients take this medicine to prolong their life is ground enough to file charges against the makers of the said medicine.

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In case you have a family member or loved one who suffered from the adverse side effects of Actos, now is the right time to get back at the company liable for the making of Actos. The Pharmacuetical company has disregarded the patient’s right to enjoy life; thus, it is just legal that you will have them compensate for the loss that you endured. You should act now because Actos lawsuit is under the statute of limitations, which means that there is a time limitation until when you can file a legal action against pharmacuetical company. If you will wait long enough, once the lawsuit reached its time limit, even when you’ve a strong case against the Pharmaceutical company, you’ll lose your legal right to compensation.

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In case your loved one or a member of the family is in pain and anguish for taking Actos, you are eligible to compensation including Medical expenses, Loss of Consortium, Lost income, Lost earning capacity, Future medical expenses, Future lost income, Pain and suffering, Emotional anguish, Wrongful death, and Loss of enjoyment of life.

Should you made the decision to file an Actos lawsuit, you should look for the best lawyer that you can hire. You should hire those reputable firms that have specialization in medical law, or those that have won cases against pharmaceutical corporations. Show your loved one your care. Preserve his or her right to compensation by filing a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical corporation. They have civil and criminal liability for causing your loved one pain and suffering.

As a conclusion, though Actos is a cost effective Type 2 diabetes medicine, you should examine its positive and negative effects before taking it; otherwise, you will see yourself suffering and filing an Actos Lawsuit.