Die Cutting Methods

Die cut gaskets and cushioning pads are cut from silicone roll which is available in a choice of thicknesses and compounds for various industry applications. There are various processes which can be utilised in order to cut out gaskets and cushioning pads. The best cutting method for an application will depend on the tolerances, volume and the thickness and type of materials which being cut.
High speed die cutting and kiss cutting uses an automated, high speed die cutting machine. These machines are used to cut relatively small, thin die cut gaskets which have a mid level volume of output. Flatbed die cutters can also be used to kiss cut gaskets or pads which have an adhesive on one side. The kiss cutting process allows the die cut blade to pass through the main gasket material and then just into the adhesive backing (but not through) thus leaving an imprint.
Continuous Feed CNC cutting units are typically used to cut mid to large gaskets. These machines have a continuous feed belt and optimising software which allows an accelerated hit rate which can cut mid to large volumes. CNC die cutting is fast and cost effective for mid to large volume gaskets but requires a longer set up time.