Child Custody Laws and the Interest of the Child

When child custody laws are in effect, the interest of the child is always taken into consideration. This is because the welfare of the child should be thought about when it comes to placing the child in the right home, or awarding visitation to the right parent. Custody of the child will be determined based on a number of different aspects of each of the parents and what the child says to the judge. A custody battle can be a long and lengthy procedure that some parents choose to settle out of court.

The child can be questioned depending on their age on which home they feel would be the best suited in their situation. This is because the court wants to keep the child’s feelings in mind when trying to determine the proper placement for them. A child will allow the judge to know what goes on within each of the households, and allow them to have a better idea of the households that are in question. If one of the households is abusive, unsanitary, if the child has their own room and many more details that are important in determining if one over the other would be the best placement. This allows the child to feel at ease with the decision of the court, and be properly taken care of in the household. A lot of people also feel that the child is usually placed with the mother. This can be true if the father is deemed unfit. The mother might also not become the sole guardian of the child if she is deemed as being an unfit parent or is living in unfit living conditions for the child to grow up in. There are many factors that go into determining which household would be the best fit for the child to be in.

Custody and visitation is established through the courts, and provides the best home solution for the child when the time comes to make a decision. Domestic violence is also looked into when the time comes since you want to ensure that the child is not going to be abused while in the home, and that the child is going to be able to go to school and be properly cared for. Express your feelings as a parent, and ensure that you have all of the proper documentation and representation for the legal system to ensure proper placement of your child. The laws on custody also state that the custody paperwork has to be sent into the county that the child currently resides in regardless of which parent the child is with. The parent can go to the court hearing alone, hire a lawyer to argue their case, or even work with a state provided lawyer to ensure proper placement of the child.

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