Blocking Identity Theft From Search Engines

Blocking identity theft is a major issue because you do not know the malicious intentions behind stealing your company name and personality. This could be used for scams and crimes and you would be at risk. In the internet world, identity theft is easy to do because your privacy is very vulnerable. Your data, such as your name, address, phone number and photo is available to anyone. Anyone can take out your personal information by simply searching your company name in known search engines. If you suspect your identity being used by someone else or if you do not want your data to be shown in search engines, you can delete your data to stop identity theft.

If you want to delete your data from Google search engine, you are able to type your phone number and immediately it will give you your other personal information as well as your name, address and other data. At the bottom of the page, you will see a hyperlink that allows you to delete your personal data from Google.

Yahoo, which is another major search engine, also allows you to delete your individual information from its database. You can see what information this search engine has by typing your phone number and, like Google, they will return to you your personal data. You can delete these data by going to its white pages at Out of this page you can delete your private data. Intelius assists Yahoo in providing information and data.

Deleting your data from these two major search engines like google is one step to preventing identity theft online. You can further search other sites that offer personal information such as phone numbers and addresses. You can either have your data removed from these sites or have the privacy settings changed regarding who can access your data.

There are also paper traces on the payments and other transactions you made which may be available on the web. These public records contain data which could also be pulled out from various sites. You can try to search individually your tax records, bank records, school records yet others which you can ask to be deleted online.

Your computer data in social networking sites like facebook should also be made private. You can customize your private settings on the people allowed to view your page.
There are more ways of blocking identity theft. Removing your computer data from search engines will keep the potential of identity theft at the minimum. Check out more facts at